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Advertising Vehicles Launches New Nonprofit Sponsorship Program to Enable Organizations to Spread Awareness

Advertising Vehicles is launching a new program supporting nonprofit organizations with fleet graphics advertising at no cost.

Advertising Vehicles has been helping non-profits in this way for years without any official process or designation. Now, we hope to codify a procedure for organizations to be able to benefit from a partnership with Advertising Vehicles.

“We wanted to make sure we do this right and have a way to make the community aware of these partnerships,” Alex Souders, Director of Marketing for Advertising Vehicles, said. “There have already been some great partnerships with the Make-A-Wish foundation, Last Mile Food Rescue, PAWS Adoption Center, and many more. This is just our way of formalizing the process and ensuring it continues for more organizations.”

One of the Make-a-wish Golf Carts that were custom wrapped in 2022

Helping Spread Awareness

The program is specifically geared to help those organizations that need the full range of support to create amazing fleet graphics. This program will provide free consultation with a graphics designer and our creative team, print production, coordination, and installation. These are the services offered to any business that typically works with Advertising Vehicles.

“By working with our creative team these organizations end up with beautiful custom artwork that really gets their point across, and then the vehicle becomes a staple and key part of their brand,” Souders added.

Not only will the creative draw attention, but data continues to show that vehicle graphics are one of the best investments for marketing.

It is something that organizations or businesses should invest in before considering other outlets. This is mostly because a heavily driven vehicle can receive as many as 60,000 daily impressions from people exposed to the vehicle, at no additional advertising cost. More eyes on your brand are something any growing nonprofit needs to leverage properly to best achieve their communication goals.

PAWS Adoption Center has partnered with Advertising Vehicles on a vehicle wrap project twice.

Where to Get Started

Advertising Vehicles is now accepting applications, and we will be continually reviewing them. They can be found online at Along with the application, we include additional details on requirements for participation and qualification into the program.

There will also be a limited supply of sponsorships. Advertising Vehicles will select one new partner each quarter, so those interested in taking advantage should submit their project as soon as possible.