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The Healing Center’s New Look Thanks To The Nonprofit Sponsorship Program

There is a brand-new vehicle traveling through the streets of Cincinnati, proudly displaying its playful blue and yellow branding and impactful artwork! Standing out among a sea of bland traffic, this eye-catching addition is The Healing Center‘s freshly wrapped refrigerated box truck. 

These beautiful new graphics were gifted to The Healing Center though Advertising Vehicle’s Nonprofit Sponsorship Program. For this Cincinnati-based nonprofit, branding their truck is all about sharing their mission and values with the community.  

The unveiling of the box truck’s new graphics marked a significant milestone for the Healing Center. With their signature colors and graphics conveying the services they provide, the truck has become more than just a mode of transportation— it’s a symbol of their commitment to healing and support.  

“We always say that The Healing Center is the worst best kept secret in Cincinnati,” shared Adrienne Wiley, Executive Director of the Healing Center. “Having our logo and branding on our truck is a huge step in really getting the word out and getting an understanding and recognition of what the Healing Center is in Greater Cincinnati so people can find out a little bit more about us before they even walk in the doors.” 


The welcoming entrance of The Healing Center - which is now reflected in their new vehicle graphics!

Established in 2008, The Healing Center is a ministry within Vineyard Cincinnati Church. The organization was created with the vision of consolidating various church ministries, aiming to provide aid to individuals in need in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. The Healing Center community takes pride in ‘Helping Each Other Thrive’ and realizes that it takes more than just food to do so.  

The Healing Center is committed to treating each guest with the utmost dignity and respect, creating a powerful sense of community among all who come through its doors. The center offers more than 50 diverse programs and services addressing visitors’ economic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. All services are provided free of charge, with no barriers to entry, ensuring accessibility for all who can reach the center.  

 These services include essentials such as a food pantry, clothing store, job and coaching classes, healthcare access, spiritual guidance, and more. Additionally, the center offers educational opportunities through GED, HSE, and ESOL programs.  

Moreover, many of the programs offered at The Healing Center rely on partnerships the nonprofit has with organizations throughout the Cincinnati area. 

“We have amazing partnerships with a lot of organizations in the communities that have very similar missions and goals as ours.” Adrienne says. “We partner with Life Forward Pregnancy Care Center, and they provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds for women or couples who are facing unplanned pregnancy. We partner with the UC College of Medicine to staff and operate a student-run clinic, which provides free health care for adults that do not have health insurance. There is the UC Bearcat Eye Service that provides vision screenings, there is the Aspire program through Cincinnati Public Schools that helps people get their GED and teaches English for Speakers of Other Languages. And there are so many other wonderful partners that we have that really allow us to be able to serve the community in the best ways possible.” 

Aside from these partnerships, the Healing Center relies on the many volunteers who support its diverse programs. From direct guest service positions to crucial behind-the-scenes roles, there are many places where the community’s volunteers make a meaningful impact and help to transform lives. 

“I’ve been with the Healing Center for almost 10 years now. And I am always shocked and amazed by all of the things that we get to do here and the things that I have gotten to be a part of in the lives that we have had the opportunity to transform through the work that we do.” Says Adrienne. “We’re very fortunate to be able to do this work and to partner with each other and to lock arms with each other. And to be a community, every single person that steps foot in the healing center as a part of this community.”


The Healing Center utilizes its refrigerated box truck to collect food donations from local retailers such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and Target. These donations stock their Marketplace Food Pantry, which operates solely on donations. Donations and the use of their truck enable the Healing Center to provide guests with fresh produce, bakery items, non-perishables, and family meals at no cost. 

 The Healing Center Team makes up to five trips and distributes nearly half a million dollars’ worth of products to its guests each week.  

“We were incredibly excited to be chosen for the Nonprofit Sponsorship Program,” says Wiley. “We worked really hard to raise $100,000 to be able to purchase this new box truck.” 

One main goal for the box truck was to serve as a mobile billboard for the Healing Center. Given the significant investment in acquiring the physical truck, the center’s team did not anticipate being able to fully wrap it anytime soon. However, upon being selected for the sponsorship by Advertising Vehicles, they were elated. 

“You don’t always have the funds to do a lot of the things that you need to do. And so never in a million years did we think that we would be able to have that work done, but we wanted to have that work done. Never in a million years do we think that it would be free,” shared Wiley. 

Advertising Vehicles is honored to extend our support to the Healing Center, along with other nonprofits in our community. Our Nonprofit Sponsorship Program allocates funds towards essential services, exemplifying our commitment to making a positive impact through vehicle wraps. 

The Advertising Vehicles team installing The Healing Center's new wrap on their box truck.
“You don't always have the funds to do a lot of the things that you need to do. And so never in a million years did we think that we would be able to have that work done, but we wanted to have that work done. Never in a million years do we think that it would be free.”
- Adrienne Wiley, executive director of the healing center


Upon choosing the Healing Center as the latest recipient of the Nonprofit Sponsorship Program, teams from both Advertising Vehicles and The Healing Center met to put together a plan for the truck’s new wrap. Their objective was to create a design that conveys the Healing Center’s message, values, and sense of community.  

The Healing Center chose a final look that captures their cheerful ambiance through vibrant colors, prominently featuring the center’s building front as the main graphic on the truck. This approach aims to evoke a sense of familiarity with the physical building when encountering the design. 

Adrienne had high praise for the Advertising Vehicles team that she worked with during the process:

“The Advertising Vehicles team was amazing. They were incredible and responsive in the vision that we had for it [The Design] and really wanted to make that vision come to life for us. And so, they were open to any feedback. They were open to design ideas. They really made it a very collaborative effort. And you could tell that they really cared about making this the best possible product for us.” 

Candice Rink, Account Executive, and Madison Haenszel, Advertising Vehicles’ newest Graphic Designer, both had crucial roles in bringing this mission to life, along with Advertising Vehicles’ project management team who oversaw the process, marketing team who lead the Nonprofit Sponsorship Program, and installation team who wrapped the entire truck.

“Working on the Healing Center Wrap was a rewarding experience, especially as one of my first projects at Advertising Vehicles. It was inspiring to contribute to a community-based company dedicated to serving the people’s needs, and I was glad to see the client so happy with our work!”

-Madison Haenzel, Graphic Designer at Advertising Vehicles 


On the day of the final design reveal, a gathering with members from both The Healing Center and Advertising Vehicles assembled. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as everyone awaited the big reveal.  

When the truck emerged from the garage, applause and smiles swept through the crowd, as the beginning of a new chapter in spreading the Healing Center’s message began.  

“It was incredibly exciting.” Adrienne Wiley says. “It was also incredibly emotional, because again, it was the end of it. Well, it was the culmination of a lot of hard work. And really a lot of people giving not just their finances, but their time in order to help us be able to purchase that truck. And to be able to have it wrapped in have our logos on it. It was a little overwhelming, you know, in an unexpected way. But in such a good way to be able to just see that just come to fruition. All of the people that worked so hard for that. And to see that it finally happened was amazing.” 

Advertising Vehicles is proud to have partnered with The Healing Center and is excited to have contributed to their goal to spread their mission to the masses. Our team is thrilled with the outcome of this Nonprofit Sponsorship Program, and we look forward to continuing to assist nonprofits across the region with sharing their mission and message!

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in our Nonprofit Sponsorship Program, apply at Advertising Vehicles Nonprofit Sponsorship Program | Advertising Vehicles 

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