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Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partials Vehicle Wraps Are A Compromise To Consider

Partial vehicle wraps help companies out when there is a desire for full impact graphics that showcase the quality of their service, but want to reduce the total printing and application by incorporating their vehicle’s color. 

It works well for brands that largely incorporate white or black into their branding, and can sometimes even look like the applications were full wraps. 

Our Creative Team can work with any customer to identify ways to utilize a partial wrap, and what the graphics would end up looking like. 

Easily Incorporate a white or black vehicle

One nice benefit of partial vehicle wraps, is that it is fairly easy to incorporate white or black into the design,  while still being on brands and not clashing with your identifying colors. 

Another benefit is that a large amount of leased vehicles or new vehicles come white and ready for application. 

Considerations on Partial Wraps

With partial wraps, there are some things to consider about your application. For example, color variation may occur overtime between the white that is exposed to sunlight vs the white paint that has been protected by the partial wrap. 

Contact our team for a consultation on partial wraps and when they are the right choice. 

Partial Wrap Examples

Here are a few examples of partial wrap applications we have done for a few customers.