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Fleet Managers
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Fleet managers are often stuck handling complex logistics and communication needs along with the real world problems that arise. Including repairs, custom orders, and other aspects of making sure the fleet looks great every single day. 

We know this struggle, and have built a reputation for supporting fleet managers to make the fleet graphics process as easy as possible.


We make fleet graphics easy so that vehicles stay on the road longer, with less hassle and clear communication

We take the hassle
off your plate

Dedicated Management Team

Our management team of industry professionals oversees the entire process and provides rare insight into projects that ensure excellence and provide the level of service that is needed to be successful. 

Technology makes communication easy

Fleet managers need solutions that make things easy and keeps projects on track. That’s why they can rely on our GUS portal to see where a project is at any time, and use it to simplify the approval process. 

In the field apps make it even easier. 

Even more, install teams use our proprietary apps to record job details in-the-field. This means immediate notifications for job completions, updates and changes. 

It is very common for larger projects for certain trailers or vehicles to not be present on the lot at the time they are needed. Our tools allow us to complete in-the-field assessments of what inventory is available and what our options are for that day.

Fast Turnaround

With Advertising Vehicles, we are able to integrate into your processes to ensure quick turnaround for graphics installs. 

Because you are working with a full team of industry experts, we will build a plan specifically for what fleet managers need – and have methods of cutting down on the time it takes to get vehicles and trailers on the road. 

Reach out to the advertising vehicles team to learn more