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Advertising Vehicles Continues Successful Nonprofit Sponsorship Program 

Advertising Vehicles is continuing our successful Nonprofit Sponsorship Program and is searching for our next partner! Building on the success of previous campaigns with Make-A-Wish, Heroes on the Water, Last Mile Food Rescue, and PAWS Adoption Center, we are continuing this initiative aimed at helping nonprofits enhance their visibility and spread their message through fleet graphics advertising. And the best part? The vehicle wrap comes at no cost to our selected nonprofit partner.  

Over the years, Advertising Vehicles has been dedicated to assisting non-profits. However, previously this was done without a formalized procedure or designation. In our pursuit to provide a structured and accessible approach for organizations to benefit from our partnership, we created the Nonprofit Sponsorship Program. Advertising Vehicles has taken steps to ensure that our community is well-informed about these collaborations through this program.  

Alex Souders, Director of Marketing for Advertising Vehicles, helped start the program in 2021. He has seen first-hand the impact it has. “There are so many great organizations that need assistance getting out their message, and this is a small but effective way we can do our part to help with that.” 

Spreading Awareness and Empowering Nonprofits

Our Nonprofit Sponsorship Program is specifically designed to provide comprehensive support for organizations looking to create striking fleet graphics that promote their mission. This program offers a range of services, including free consultation with a dedicated graphic designer and our creative team, as well as print production, coordination, and installation. These services are typically provided to businesses working with Advertising Vehicles, and through this program Advertising Vehicles will provide the same services at no cost to the selected nonprofit. 

“Unique individual wrap projects require many people’s expertise, including our excellent creative team, project management team, account executives, printing team, and finally the installers. They all do their part to make it happen for every wrap,” says Souders.  

Not only do these eye-catching graphics draw attention, but data consistently shows that vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective investments for marketing. A well-branded, frequently driven vehicle can garner as many as 60,000 daily impressions from people exposed to the vehicle, all without incurring additional advertising costs. Leveraging these additional eyes on your brand is an asset for any nonprofit looking to effectively spread their message throughout the community. 

“There are so many great organizations that need assistance getting out their message, and this is a small but effective way we can do our part to help with that.”
- Alex Souders, Director of Marketing at Advertising Vehicles

Getting Started with Advertising Vehicles’ Nonprofit Sponsorship Program

If your nonprofit organization is eager to take advantage of our Nonprofit Sponsorship Program, we are now accepting applications through January 1, 2024! These applications can be submitted through our website at In addition to the application form, you will find detailed information about the requirements for participation and qualification into the program. 

It’s important to note that there will be a limited number of sponsorships available. Advertising Vehicles will select one new partner each quarter, so organizations interested in participating should submit their project as soon as possible. This is an incredible opportunity for nonprofits to boost their visibility and make a lasting impact in their community with our support. 

At Advertising Vehicles, we are excited to continue our mission of making a difference through our Nonprofit Sponsorship Program. Let us help your nonprofit organization create eye-catching fleet graphics that effectively convey your message to the world. Together, we can make a positive impact on our communities.