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A “Cool” Fleet Rebranding for National Heating & Air Conditioning  

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Home services businesses rely on their fleet vehicles to convey their brand, reliability, and professionalism. That’s no different for National Heating & Air Conditioning, a Cincinnati-based HVAC company. So, when they decided to update their brand look – they turned to Advertising Vehicles to help with the rebranding of their 45 fleet vehicles.  

A Constant in Comfort: About National Heating & Air Conditioning

Established as a family business in 1930, National Heating & Air Conditioning is a residential and light commercial HVAC company that serves the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky, and IndianaAs part of the Heartland Home Services Network, National Heating & Air Conditioning joins over 40 other Midwest home services companies providing top tier service to homeowners in 9 states.  

For National's fleet rebranding, the new design communicated their local roots with the Cincinnati skyline, as they proudly serve the Tri-State area.

In addition to providing excellent service, National also prides itself on their training program and facility. Their 7500 square foot training facility, National Trade Academy, reinforces their dedication to industry leading innovation and their craft. 

“We believe in taking technicians and actually training them to do HVAC,” shared General Manager Rob Bynum. “There are more people needed in the trades. That was a need that we’ve seen for a long period of time and something that we’re definitely focused on.”   

National Heating and Air Conditioning not only serves their community through residential and light commerical service, but also trains the next generation of professionals.

For a business that has been established for nearly a century and has a strong reputation of service and reliability – National needed their new brand look to match what their customers have come to expect, and to draw in the tri-state area to learn more about what they offer.  

A Red, White, and Blue Rebrand

When National Heating & Air Conditioning reached out to the Advertising Vehicles team to update their fleet’s appearance, they knew they wanted an impactful upgrade to their current graphics.  

“We just had the plain decal, kind of the same logo that we had had since 1930,” shared Bynum. “It was important for us to rebrand the logo, get a new look and a new face to the company of what we’re about.” 

National_02262024_DJI_7 image-20231031-185445-bda7cdacedit

National’s new look is a tribute to their Americana themed graphics that have always been with the company, with a new tie in to the city of Cincinnati where they’re based.  

“The red, white, and blue theme is something we’ve always been with…and also with our name being National, we wanted something that represented the city, so people knew that we were a local company. It was very important for us to have something that was very recognizable by anybody that was driving by.”  

And it’s hard to miss National’s vehicles now after their fleet rebranding! No longer a plain white vehicle with a decal, the striking wraps incorporate the Cincinnati skyline with their new logo and signature colors.  

With their fleet rebranding, it was important to National that all of their vehicle types looked cohesive with one striking design.

National Heating & Air Conditioning worked alongside the Advertising Vehicles design team to ensure that the graphics looked spectacular across their 45-vehicle fleet With seven different vehicle types in their fleet – from box trucks to small transits – it was crucial that the design team created a cohesive look no matter the vehicle type.  

With the Advertising Vehicles design team, National came up with a vehicle wrap that can't be missed.

An Ongoing Partnership for All Fleet Graphics Needs

When National Heating & Air Conditioning began their rebranding with Advertising Vehicles, they began an ongoing partnership for all their fleet graphics needs.  

“Working with Advertising Vehicles was great,” shared Bynum. “The most important thing to us is every one of our trucks that’s on the road is a revenue producing truck. So, to keep it on the road is very important to us. And it’s got to be done in a timely manner…it was great working with [Advertising Vehicles], the scheduling worked out perfect. We were able to have little to no downtime on each one of our trucks. And everything worked out perfect.”  

From rebranding their existing fleet to on standby for new vehicles, Advertising Vehicles is ready to assist with any of National's vehicle graphics needs.

As National’s partner, the Advertising Vehicles team ensured their fleet rebranding went efficiently and effectively. Typically, the vehicles were only out of service for one business day, minimizing downtime for an important revenue producing vehicle. 

And, if a new vehicle enters the fleet, Advertising Vehicles is prepared to brand it quickly and get it out on the road! 

“As far as getting new vehicles, whenever we get a new vehicle, it’s important to us to get a wrapped as fast as we can and get it on the road as fast as we can. Everything has worked flawlessly as far as that goes,” shared Bynum.  

National Heating and Air Conditioning's fleet rebranding project included 45 units and 7 different vehicle types!

Work with Advertising Vehicles for Your Fleet Graphics

Just like National Heating and Air Conditioning, your business should be leveraging the power of fleet graphics. Your vehicles are moving billboards for your brand, and especially in the heating and cooling industry – your vehicles provide a sense of establishment and trustworthiness to your customer. 

So, If you’re an HVAC business that needs a reliable graphics partner for you’re about to embark on a fleet rebranding – reach out to us at Advertising Vehicles! Just like we did for National Heating & Air Conditioning, we are prepared to take on fleet graphics projects of any size, in any location.  

Make sure your vehicles communicate your brand effectively - reach out to Advertising Vehicles to learn more.