The Advertising Vehicles’ Fleet Graphic of the month for February 2021 is the Woeber Mustard Manufacturing Company, and their 53′ trailers. 

Every month we will bring you a fleet graphic that exemplifies making the most out of a company’s mobile billboard, and is a great representation of what is possible with the medium. Some will be beautifully custom designed graphics, while others are awesome uses of fleet technology. 

About Woeber Mustard Company

Woeber Mustard Company has one of those legendary American dream stories, started in 1905 by Carl Woeber and his family, within 20 years the company was selling a variety of products and had introduced a line of extremely popular horseradish products. Today, the family business is in its 3rd and 4th generations, still being lead by longtime leadership in Ray and Richard Woeber.

More Than Just Mustard

As mentioned, the product offerings and capabilities of the Woeber Mustard Company has transformed over their 116 year history.  They are now in the market with 9 brands, including  popular products such as their Supreme Dips brand honey mustard.

About The Fleet Graphic

Woeber’s latest update to their fleet graphics includes full coverage using pressure sensitive vinyl on both sides and the rear of the trailers. By using large vibrant text using brand colors, Woeber’s Mustard has done a good job of making sure that their brands are seen while their team makes deliveries to customers all day every day. 
Don’t forget the importance of the rear side advertising, there will almost always be a vehicle and potential customer directly behind the trailer during the day, getting an extended impression from the advertising. What a great way to highlight one of their top brands, and a great selection for the fleet graphic of the month.

"When approaching one of the completed trailers from 200 yards away to capture some new images, the gorgeous color and messaging layout was stunning. Its size from that distance and on the approach was very attention grabbing and clean."

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