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To continue the introduction of our growing National Sales Team at Advertising Vehicles, we wanted to welcome John Yarbrough, our National Account Executive based in Dallas, Texas.

John has now been with Advertising Vehicles since the summer, getting reacclimated to the world of fleet graphics, as that was his favorite part about his previous life with Penske.

“Graphics, oddly enough, were very much a part of something that we did at Penske,” he said. “That was the fun part of the conversation with the customer. You have to make it your own, you want to personalize it. This is your opportunity to have a moving billboard and get and maximize your exposure.”

Bringing strong
Industry Experience

John started out with Penske at the rental counter where he slowly moved up the ranks over the course of 12 years. Because of that experience, he knows how to work with people during every step of the fleet management process.

“I can sit down with fleet managers and talk about things like maximizing vehicle uptime, exposure, I can talk to them about specs and things of that nature,” he said. “Being able to speak that language I feel has afforded me the opportunity to talk to a lot of these people that maybe graphics or were just kind of an afterthought.” 

After those years of learning the industry and developing contacts, he was ready for a change of pace, and the prospect of helping the fleet graphics side of the equation really appealed to him.

“People are proud of their companies, they’re proud of their logos there, there’s, you know, a personal connection to it,” John said. “To have that conversation with a customer is really cool. You get to learn about their business and what they like and what their values are. And this is a creative way in which they can display that to the world.”

John is working with fleets of all sizes in the South-Central region of the United States. Helping them identify better ways to handle this process.

Looking forward to future growth

He looks forward to building upon his existing relationships while also meeting new clients and doing everything he can to take care of their fleet graphics needs. He believes that his ability to connect with them and build those connections are what’s going to help him succeed in this industry.

“I like asking lots of questions to, kind of, prod and find out their pain points are, to really understand what the client really needs,” he said. “The value that I have learned over the years and what usually sets us apart is, when a client feels as though that you have their best interests in mind and you’re genuinely listening to them.”

Welcome John

Join us in welcoming John to the team. He looks forward to meeting with anyone looking to get their fleet graphics needs taken care of in Texas and the greater region, so feel free to give him a call or shoot him an email.