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Maintaining color accuracy for Coca-Cola when it matters most

With the winter season around the corner, many fleets need to start factoring in the winter holidays into their vehicle branding.

One company who exemplifies this every year is our partner, Coca-Cola, they have done so much through the holidays with their branding, including using Santa Claus as a mascot since the 1930’s. Their influence in many ways created the Christmas we think of today.


Coca Cola’s Santa Clause trucks stand out with their recognizable red banners every year, and their Christmas Trucks are an unofficial mark of the holidays in the UK and Australia.

Their colors and branding are so crucial to their image that getting it right is an absolute necessity and having fleet graphics partners that won’t mess with that is of the upmost importance for them. And for these holiday trucks they sport additional lighting kits that make the entire trailer shine.

The Christmas Trucks started as an Ad campaign in the mid-90s that, over time, became a touring attraction to connect with communities across the globe starting in 2001.


Did you know that red and green haven’t always been associated with Christmas? According to NPR, Victorian Christmas Cards used a variety of color combinations, including red and blue and blue and green.

Remember how we said that Coca-Cola started using Santa Claus as a mascot in the 1930s?

That was the moment red and green were cemented as the colors most associated with Christmas. That’s part of the reason why it’s so easy for Coca-Cola to match their branding for the holiday season!

We ensure your colors are right

For the last few years, Advertising Vehicles has been one of four fleet graphics providers that have been reviewed by and now partner with Coca-Cola to provide their bottlers with national fleet graphics they can trust to be color accurate every time.

The stringent process of being approved by Coca-Cola prove how much they care about the color accuracy and overall appearance of their brands. This included having a reviewer visit our printing facility, ensuring that we have the necessary capacity, but more importantly that the color coming out of our printers onto our vinyl is the same proprietary red that consumers have gotten to know and trust for more than a hundred years.

We passed with flying colors. We know what we’re capable of. We know that when any company comes to us, trusting us to get their fleet graphics right, we will do it.

We’ve done it for Tide, and their Orange, the Bud Light Blue and many more exactly specified colors that define major brands today.

We have something ensuring our commitment to color accuracy because we know that colors matter. After all, we know ours do and we would certainly be upset if someone got them wrong.


As the Christmas trucks make their way to different communities, while we haven’t done the wrapping on them specifically, many of their partners delivering Coca-Cola have been through our installers’ hands.

If you see and you see a bright red Coca-Cola truck and are wondering who can make sure that your brand identity is respected, turn to Advertising Vehicles as that trusted partner