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Creating an eye-catching fleet of vehicles for Jolly Plumbing 

If you’ve lived in northern Kentucky or Cincinnati for any amount of time, there are some local brands that are just instantly recognizable. When you think of healthcare, St. Elizabeth immediately comes to mind, or if you’re trying to stock up for a celebration, Party Source sticks out as the obvious choice. And if you’re thinking about who to call when you’ve got a plumbing or HVAC issue, we would argue that Jolly Plumbing Drains Heating and Air is one of those brands. 

They’ve been in the area since the late 70s supplying high quality plumbing, HVAC and drain work for the region, and have come a long way in developing their identity. 

While their dedication to service can’t be beat, part of the reason why they’re so recognizable is their mastery of the brand and the look of their fleet. 

The story behind the look

“The look of our vehicles is pivotal to what we do, you know, we want to be looked at as a professional company,” Brady Jolly, Owner and CEO of Jolly Plumbing said. “At times, we have been the company that showed up in an older van or one with just a magnet on the side of the van, and that’s not part of our vision” 

In the beginning. Brady’s dad Barry had his own vision for the brand. Whenever he bought a new vehicle, he hired a painter to come out and pretty up those plain cars, trucks or vans. 

“He’d say, Barry, what are we what are we painting on at this time, and the logo would be different every time,” Brady said. “He wanted to have as many different logos and kind of brands out there to make him look bigger.” 

At one point in the 80s, they came up with the iconic “Flush Beats a Full House” slogan and added a jack to their vehicles, and it stuck. 

Barry Jolly, Jolly Plumbing Founder, with one of their first vehicles, before the branding had been set in stone.

Taking care of an Iconic Fleet

Advertising Vehicles has been working with Jolly Plumbing for several years, and back when they were deciding for a new partner for their fleet graphics needs, we made it a no-brainer for them. 

“When we’re buying all these vehicles, it’s a logistical nightmare,” Brady said. “Advertising Vehicles was able to work with our vendor who we purchase vehicles through directly and then deliver them at our door ready and wrapped. It was pivotal in our decision to switch vendors.” 

A big part of what makes Advertising Vehicles special is our dedication to being a one-stop shop for our partners. We work directly with vehicle vendors, fleet management companies, upfitters, everyone needed, so at the end of the day, people like Brady only have to worry about getting their vehicles. 

Plus, when it comes to making sure their brand is properly represented on their vehicles when it comes time to apply the vinyl, we make sure they’re happy with their design. 

“One of my favorite parts about the relationship with Advertising Vehicles is the collaboration between our marketing team and the designers at AV,” he said. So, we typically have an idea of what we want a vehicle to look like, we bring that them, and they put it on the truck. They have the layouts of the vehicle, and then they bring it back to us oftentimes improving on that on that wrap. 

Continuing to Stand out in NKY and Cincinnati

When you see Jolly’s vans and trucks driving around Northern Kentucky it’s hard not to remember their slogan, to know that when you see that stoic Jack with a wrench, that you’re dealing with a professional team of home technicians.  

“Our brand is an extension of our culture. One of the most important things for our business is building a really good internal culture and that customers feel that culture. That they know we’re happy, fun, energetic folks when we come to their house to serve them,” Brady said. “I think that our brand and especially our truck wraps need to be an extension of that and that is one of my favorite things about our fleet, especially with the partnership with Advertising Vehicles it’s something that we’ve really been able to perfect and I’m really happy with it.” 

If you want to stand out, no matter where your fleet operates, get in touch with our fleet graphics experts and see what we can do to make your life just that little bit easier. 

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