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At Advertising Vehicles, we don’t shy away from complex projects. Instead, we embrace them as opportunities to showcase our skill and innovation. Our work with Velux, an international skylight and roof window manufacturer, is a testament to our ability to handle intricate designs and deliver exceptional results.  

Velux's wrap incorporated three different types of vinyl, and a striking design that is sure to catch the attention of everyone on the road.

Velux approached us with a unique request for their van wrap. They wanted a design that incorporated multiple colors and finishes, each serving a distinct purpose in the overall aesthetic. While many of our competitors may not have the expertise to tackle such a project, our team saw this as an exciting opportunity to demonstrate just what we could do. 

The Vehicle Wrap Process

When working with Advertising Vehicles, you have an entire team of fleet graphics professionals dedicated to your project. Once Velux decided to wrap their 2023 Mercedes Sprinter van in a stunning tri-color design, the Advertising Vehicles team jumped into action to tackle the project.  

Our team was able to take the design from Velux and make it come to life with the diligent work of our design and project management team. We were able to find vinyl that accurately reflected their brand colors and sent two press proofs to confirm that these colors were exactly what Velux wanted.  

DSC06484 DSC06612

A Variety of Vinyl for Velux

Velux provided an eye-catching design that incorporated three different types of 3M vinyl 

IJ180CV3 with 8520 Matte Overlaminate (Grey and Black): This combination provided sleek, modern base colors for the van. The matte finish added a sophisticated touch, ensuring the vehicle would stand out on the road without a glaring sheen. 

IJ180CV3 with 8520 Matte Overlaminate (Grey and Black) pictured above. This served as the base for the other layers of vinyl.

IJ180CV3 with 8518 Gloss Overlaminate (Red): For the bold red elements, we used a gloss laminate to make the color pop. This high-contrast choice created a striking visual impact, drawing attention to key branding elements. 

IJ180CV3 with 8518 Gloss Overlaminate (Red) was incorporated into this vehicle wrap as an accent color, and really pops against the matte vinyl!

3M 680 CR-10 (White Text and Door Logos): Reflective vinyl was used for the white text and logos on the doors. This material ensures high visibility both day and night, enhancing brand recognition and safety. 

3M 680 CR-10 (White Text and Door Logos) was also used in this vehicle wrap to call attention to important information for Velux, and the reflective will make sure this information is seen all the time.

With matte, gloss, and reflective vinyl finishes on the van, it was crucial that the installation process went exactly to plan. The team had to perfect the placement of the vinyl panels to ensure that the layering looked seamless and place the reflective decals in the exact spot to replicate the client’s desired look accurately. The installation team at Advertising Vehicles did a phenomenal job ensuring that the vehicle wrap followed the layout perfectly. Check out the process in the animation below! 

The Right Partner for Your Fleet Graphics Needs

When it comes to vehicle wraps, complexity is part of the work. Whether it be needing a variety of vinyl types to achieve the right look, having a fleet with several vehicle types, or rebranding vehicles that are scattered across the United States, at Advertising Vehicles, handling complex projects is a common occurrence for our team. Our custom technology and experienced team ensure that your vehicle wrap looks just as you envisioned it, and in the timeframe you need it – so that your vehicles can get back out on the road and generate revenue.  

If you have a complex fleet graphics project ahead of you  let’s talk about how Advertising Vehicles can revolutionize your graphics. Our team is ready to take on projects of any size, with vehicles in any location.  

A beautiful full wrap for Velux, executed by Advertising Vehicles!