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Imagine you own a landscaping business. Your trucks and trailers are constantly parked in front of houses in crowded neighborhoods, spotted on roadways between clients, and when the day is done, are positioned in front of your business. Now, think if you could have a billboard in each one of these spots – for a one-time cost. Surely, you’d jump on that marketing opportunity. 

That’s the power of a commercial vehicle wrap.  

Need more convincing? Let’s dive into why commercial vehicle wraps are one hundred percent worth the investment and will become your marketing return on investment leader.  

Commercial Vehicle Wraps Are Moving Billboards

Repeating the scenario above, now imagine your truck and trailer for your landscaping business are wrapped with your branding, phone number, website, and a QR code to take a potential customer to a quote form. Every person pulling into their driveway, walking by, or parked next to your commercial vehicle are going to come face-to-face with your branding. Having your commercial vehicles wrapped also builds your business’ brand presence in your target market. Plus, if your vehicles are parked next to a beautiful lawn – there’s no mistaking that your business is responsible! 

Now think if your vehicles were blank. Plain white truck and plain trailer. Parked in front of a beautiful lawn – no one knows who’s behind the perfect grass and beautiful gardens!  

But we know that most commercial vehicles aren’t completely blank. Most have small decals or magnets. While those options may work for getting your name and phone number across to a target customer right next to the vehicle – decals and magnets aren’t telling your brand story and are not turning any heads on the roadway. Think about it in terms of a billboard again. If you bought a billboard – wouldn’t you want to use the entire space you paid for? The same is true for commercial vehicle graphics.  

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Having your commercial vehicles wrapped is like having a billboard at eye-level, everywhere they are traveling. Your mobile billboards are in places that don’t even allow for billboards, like neighborhoods, where your target audience is. That’s why mobile outdoor advertising, like commercial vehicle wraps, have an attention rate that is 2.5 times higher than static outdoor advertising 

Vehicle wraps are more than just vinyl on a truck, they are powerful marketing tools that are exactly where you need them to be.  

Establish Your Brand with Your Target Audience

There are tons of businesses that do exactly what you do. How do you stand out? Providing exceptional service, having competitive pricing, and maintaining a strong relationship with existing clients are important, but when someone thinks of landscaping in your area, are they thinking of you?  

With an eye-catching vehicle wrap that stands out, your business won’t be forgotten.  

According to Gitnux, 97% of people remember seeing a vehicle wrap advertisement. The same can’t be said for digital, radio, television, or print advertising. If you want your brand to stick in the minds of your target audience, commercial vehicle wraps are the way to go.  

A One-Time Cost for a Long-Term Payoff

With most forms of advertising, you’re constantly investing. Media fees, new creative costs, paying per impression – that’s not the case with commercial vehicle wraps. You pay once to wrap your vehicle and then you have a mobile billboard that works for you 24/7, year after year. This one-time investment continues to generate impressions and build brand awareness without any additional expenses, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term advertising needs.

Other than the upkeep of your vehicle – which you’ll likely have done without the wrap – there aren’t ongoing costs associated with a commercial vehicle wrap. Additionally, most vehicle wraps last five to seven years. This durability ensures that your brand remains visible and impactful over an extended period, offering continuous exposure and value from a single investment. 

Commercial Vehicle Wraps from Advertising Vehicles

If you’re ready to make a statement with your vehicles, and drive business with your fleet – reach out to us at Advertising Vehicles! Commercial vehicle wraps are our specialty, and we have the expertise and technology to make this process easy for you – start to finish. Advertising Vehicles is prepared to take care of fleets of any size, anywhere in the United States.  

Let’s make your vehicles your marketing ROI leader! To see a gallery of our previous work, check out our vehicle graphics image gallery.