If you are like most people responsible for a fleet of vehicles, you’re extremely busy, have a lot on your plate, and are under constant pressure to do more at a faster pace. And, fleet graphics may not be the only area of responsibility you handle for your organization. Wouldn’t having a partner to take this responsibility off your plate be both a major time-saver and stress reliever?

Having a trusted partner to completely manage all aspects of your program allows you to focus your time and energy elsewhere.

At Advertising Vehicles, our goal is to fully engage with our customers and become their trusted partner for all things in the fleet graphics space. For the cost of the product(s), customers essentially have our company working as another division of their organization, freeing up time for other responsibilities. We’re not interested in only handling parts of the process, we look to shoulder all the responsibility of any custom graphics project for our customers.

Why manage a fleet graphics provider when you don’t have to?

In working with our customers, we begin by understanding their specific situation and needs, then formulate a tailored plan that works for them. This includes any of our products, like full or partial vehicles wraps, our Traxx™ changeable graphics system or even simple decals, and services like design and de-identification. Whether you’re a mom and pop business or have thousands of vehicles across North America, we take the same approach to managing each project.

Imagine having it all handled for you. One point of contact, one point of accountability, and the peace of mind knowing everything is being expertly and consistently done your way every time.

Our clients continually call us a “breath of fresh air”. We’re not a stagnant, massive print production vendor. While our competition may look for projects that are transactional and low touch, we stay focused on bringing more value to our customers by identifying ways we can take things off their plate and handle additional responsibilities. From our buttoned-up project management team to our proprietary software developed specifically to manage every step of the process, we’ve got you covered.

Let Advertising Vehicles take the hassle of fleet graphics off your plate!