Coca-Cola Bottlers

Recommended Graphics Vendor

Advertising Vehicles is approved by Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Salses and Services Company as a recommended supplier for National Fleet Graphics.

Any Authorized Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. and Canada can trust that we can provide fleet graphics for trucks and shipping vehicles. 

Color Accuracy and Capacity

What sets us apart from most other graphics providers is not only our ability to match the exact Coca-Cola red, but more importantly our massive printing capability.

This pairing of skills is the reason why Advertising Vehicles was chosen to be a recommended provider for CCBSS.

Incorporating changeable Graphics

With paint or vinyl, often the final creative is limited to being evergreen, since that ad will be on the vehicle for years.

With Traxx™, since you can change out your creative easily, you no longer need to be afraid of including specific products or dates in your vehicle advertising, which allows you to have relevant calls-to-action and timeliness.