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Changeable Fleet Graphics FAQs


Why utilize the changeable graphics system versus wrapping my trucks or trailers?

Changeable graphics on your fleet is a game-changer. The system allows you to immediately transform your fleet into a changeable and reusable network of rent free billboards. 

The ability to change out your messaging when you want to, without high costs and a big hassle for the fleet team, is powerful. Businesses that have seasonal or limited time products can finally leverage the best CPM medium they have with changeable graphics and their fleet.

This makes it possible to leverage co-opt opportunities to generate revenue, or even promote special campaigns like never before. Truly use your fleet like the advertising space it is. Learn more about changeable graphics.

How does the cost compare to wrapping my fleet?

The initial cost which includes the frame and initial set of graphics is very similar to a full wrap. Ongoing changeouts can then be done at a fraction of the cost of removing and applying new graphics!

Who changes out the graphics?

One major benefit of the changeable graphics system is its ease of graphic installations. Whether you are in the field or in a climate controlled facility, changing out your graphics can be done quickly and easily. Our installation network can change out the graphics for you, or we can train your team to handle the change outs on their own. Regardless, we are always just a phone call away to assist.

How is the system affixed to my fleet?

There are two options for affixing the system to a truck. The first is utilizing an automotive grade epoxy, similar to that which is used to hold a windshield to a car. This is the preferred method as it does not involve screwing holes into the trailer like with the second option.

The second option is riveting the frame to the trailer, this option makes sense when you know down the road that you may have to remove the system from the truck or trailer. 

How long do change outs take on a 53’ trailer?

The time involved in changing out your trailer graphics depends on who is doing the work. A trained crew can complete an entire changeout (both sides) in under an hour. 

What if the truck or trailer has side entry doors?

The system is not able to go over side doors. We would typically stop the system at the side doors and then wrap them in a way that compliments the rest of the design.

How long will the frame system last?

The frame system will outlast the truck or trailer  that it is affixed to.

Do I have to remove my current graphics to use the changeable graphics system on my fleet?

No. Because the graphics (skins) themselves don’t actually adhere directly to the body of your asset, the majority of your existing branding can remain in place. However, in order to install the frame itself, we will need to remove roughly 5″ all the way around the truck, allowing the frame to install directly to the body of the truck.

Am I able to have your system installed at the manufacturer when I place my annual fleet order?

Yes. We have established great working relationships with many of the fleet manufacturers. In the instance we are not setup with the vendor of your choice, please let us know and we will gladly coordinate everything.